New Chicks!!!

serama chicks

This won’t be a long post. Just wanted to share a pic of my latest chicks ’cause they’re such a good looking bunch! The four on the far left & right are from my blue/black trio, and the middle two are from 2 other pairs.

The exciting part is, these are the first chicks I’ve hatched from any of those pairs! Those pairs being the first “NICE” quality seramas I obtained, which means they are some of the foundation birds of my line. And these are the first generation offspring.

I’ve got a fifth chick from the blue/black trio that hatched yesterday with a broody. There’s a whole story about that broody pullet and why she had to be made to stop laying and sit on eggs, and hopefully it will have a happy ending. But in either case it’s a story I prefer to tell once it’s complete.

Stay tuned!


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