Hey, Long Time No See!

Hello dear readers! If I still have any! 😉

So it turns out I may not be the blogging enthusiast I imagined myself to be. I guess it’s been around a year since I started this blog, then left it to the crickets. My plans for this space were ambitious, but life is busy and lends itself more to casual writing, so maybe that’s where I’ll take things.

Let’s chat a bit about what I’ve been up to the past year.

I acquired my first two chocolate serama cocks and began hatching from them last fall. One of the boys is actually mauve (that’s blue + chocolate), and from him I hatched a mauve girl, splash cockerel, and a standard choc girl. From the other pairing, I’ve got 3 chocolate females and 3 boys split for chocolate (like the splash cockerel just mentioned, these boys each carry one copy of the chocolate gene, since their mothers were not chocolate). Hopefully I will find time soon to post more about this project, the first generation, and how chocolate genetics work.

I also hatched a few promising chicks, two males and a female, out of the nice white cock pictured in my logo for the facebook page. Unfortunately that boy (his name was Aero) passed away rather suddenly around the time I was incubating those eggs, so his line will have to carry on in those 3. Pics of my two favorites (Lexi and Kai) below:


I don’t normally put birds on the table as I don’t show, however, I attended my first show last week as a photographer (more about that in a future post), and afterwards felt inspired to take a look at some of my own birds in a table or table-like context. In this case, the boy was simply placed on a convenient surface for that quick pic, which is how I usually do, but the girl was allowed to strut proper within that cage while I video’d for my own evaluation. I’m quite smitten with her. 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve obtained a nice stash of shipping boxes (another good topic for future post) and will be doing my first shipment next week. Yay! A lot of folks in my area seem to just be looking for chicks, so I hope that shipping will allow me to more easily sell some grown birds, as I do like to grow them out to at least 6 months if not older before deciding whether they are keepers.

That’s all for now. More posts soon I hope! ❤


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