Hello and welcome to Oregon Serama! I’m Jacqueline and this is my friend, Banjo. We’re glad to meet you! :)



I’m a Crazy Chicken Lady and serama breeder located in the Pacific Wonderland, i.e. Eugene, Oregon. Banjo is a blue barred cockerel who enjoys warm naps, dust baths, and pecking order disputes with his brooder buds. 😉

I am so thrilled to get this blog going so I can share my passion with others who are beginning their journey with seramas. These little birds stole my heart back in 2015. I began with a small flock of 6 and let chicken math take over from there! I am a little embarrassed, but mostly proud to admit that I am a Crazy Chicken Lady.

When I began researching this breed, I was shocked by the dearth of information available beyond the boilerplate stats that so many pages copy and paste. As such I look forward to filling out this blog with information that isn’t readily available on other websites. I’ll be sharing lots of general chicken keeping tips as well for those who are new to chickens as well as the serama breed specifically.

Are you ready? Let’s go!