Late Spring Hatch-A-Thon!

The Clone Project 😉

I want to show off some of the pretties we’re hatching this year at Oregon Serama!

First off, a little about this years hatch. This is a big hatch for us, because I’m only hatching once this year (I hope)! So I’ve gotta make it count. We’re working on type, increasing our pool of silkie feathered birds, and hatching for two color projects: blue and chocolate.

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How Big are Serama Chicks?

You’ll often read how small serama chicks are, but it can be difficult to determine scale from a photo that only shows seramas.

This week at Oregon Serama, we happen to be brooding two sets of babies off the same heat lamp, so it’s a great time to show you just how tiny these chicks are! Continue reading